So you’ve had your genetics sequenced through 23andMe or a similar service...
and now you want your doctor to use this data to further understand your response to drugs.        
To do this Geneix is creating the digital infrastructure and we need your help and support.

How can we help?

  1. With consent, we take the raw data from your 23andMe/genetic tests and re-analyse it using up-to-date evidence based guidelines.
  2. We then create and store a validated drug response profile that your doctor can confidently use to personalise your prescriptions at anytime in the future. 

What makes it validated In the uk? 

  • At Geneix we only specialise in drug-gene interactions not disease risk or ancestry
  • Our approach is in-line with current regulatory guidelines, this means we only focus on genes that have the highest level of clinical evidence
  • We’re supported by the NHS Chair of Pharmacogenetics and work with NHS trusts and BMJ to implement genetics into prescribing

How does it work?

  • Once we have analysed your genetic data we e-mail you a Drug/Gene report to give you a drug response profile
  • We are also working to integrate reports into electronic healthcare systems, so any doctor will always have this information available wherever you are being treated

 empowering you and your healthcare team to ensure
you get the right prescription at the right dose

We plan to be launching Precision Prescribing Platform soon!

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At Geneix we take data safety and protection very seriously. Your information and data will never be used or shared with a third party without your permission.