Personalised Medicine

  • Medicine is traditionally one-size-fits all, but because of genetic variation not everyone responds to medicines in the same way
  • A treatment may be highly effective and well-tolerated for you, but for me it may hardly work at all or even lead to severe side effects
  • Genetic variation effects our drug response, making certain medicines ineffective, over-effective, harmful or lethal 
  • For example if you have a variation in the CYP2D6 gene you may get no pain relief from codeine

Want to know more about personalised medicine? We recommend reading this report by The Personalized Medicine Coalition.  

Building the personalised medicine platform of the future 

  • Our unique bioinformatic pipeline analyses a patient's sequenced genetic data to create their unique drug response profile

  • Every time a doctor prescribes a new medication, they input the drug into our system and our e-prescribing tool checks it against the patient's genetic profile. The result? An interactive and visual display of how the patient will respond 

  • The platform also checks for drug-to-drug interactions, dose safety and allergies
  • Our platform reduces trial and error prescribing, so the right drug is prescribed the first time
  • We take a design-led approach, prioritising user experience and interface design 

  • The platform is easy and intuitive to use

  • Technology is scalable and interoperable

  • Unique design avoids alert fatigue