Watch the short film above to gain a greater understanding of how the Geneix team are combining big data with intelligent design to reduce adverse drug reactions.

Mark Bartlett

Mark’s experience working within the NHS combined with a postgraduate degree in pharmacogenetics, and several business courses, have equipped him with the skill and tools to realise his passion of incorporating genetics into the clinical setting.

Adam Harman-Clarke

With a doctorate in Theoretical Physics and experience running his own consultancy Adam brings valuable programming, big data analytics and business skills to the team. Adam is a keen scientist and is fascinated by the potential of big data to improve patient care and clinical outcomes.

Morgaine Matthews

A medical copywriter with four years of industry experience and a masters in Science Media - Morgaine specialises in healthcare communication, user experience and design. Morgaine is especially interested in the way healthcare professionals approach patient care and incorporate digital solutions in their treatment framework.