Life-saving technology

In a world where digital health is rapidly evolving, there is an ever growing need and demand for new solutions which improve patient care, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Geneix was founded on the belief that smart data, coupled with smart design, can play a significant role in providing solutions which meet these needs. Alongside this belief is a core understanding that the future of healthcare lies in the potential of prospective, rather than reactive, medicine.

These values and insights are reflected in Geneix's first digital solution: InterAct.

InterAct is an e-prescribing platform that uses big data to help lower the potential of drug to drug interactions. By using a simple application a healthcare professional can retrieve a patient's electronic medical health records, select a treatment they would like to prescribe and receive an instantaneous warning if the suggested prescription will interact with any current treatments. InterAct not only warns healthcare professionals of any potential interactions at the point of prescription, it also offers alternatives with few or no known interactions.