What's new with The Genome Project?

If you read the news today you would have read about how the 100k Genome Project, headed by Genomics England, is making huge strides in it's mission to make Britain the world leader in Genomic Medicine. 

With the Prime Minister today announcing that a further £300 million will be pledged towards the project - it seems that all the financial and political backing is there to ensure that Genomics England is a success. With financial backing in place the project has also revealed it's planned partnership with American genetics giant, Illumina, for sequencing and the creation of a new £27 million ‘Genome Campus’ in Cambridge funded by the Wellcome Trust.

Finally there is an open invitation to organisations by the NHS England to become ‘Genome Centres’, in a big push to make a success of proposed ideas.

Once sequencing is complete, the data will need to undergo bioinformatic analysis to identify genotypes and then interpreted it for clinical utility. We are looking forward to finding out who the clinical partners will be for the interpretation of the data obtained. 

These are very exciting times for the links between digital health and genomics… stay tuned!